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Creaking Crank

Hello, this week my bike has developed a creaking noise from the crank area. I have checked it over to make sure nothing has come loose, and even torque tested the bolts for overtightness.

The noise only happens when pedalling not during freewheel

Any ideas ??


  • gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    I had the same, thought it was the crank but it was in fact coming from the SPD's - only seemed to happen when I was putting the power down, but has since disappeared.
  • LeezarLeezar Posts: 36
    The creaking noise normally comes from where the bottom bracket fits in the crank, would recommend removing the cranks and a bit of grease then refit at the correct torque this should resolve the problem.
  • sounds like a bottom bracket problem, if you have put a good few miles on the bike it could be a good time to change it as they do get worse very quickly.
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237

    Could be anything!!!

    I had a creak from my Crank a month ago.....

    I Stripped the BB and it was fine

    Was told that the seat post can creak and 'throw' the noise. so it sounds like its at the BB. My coach had this problem once, he spent 6 weeks searching for the noise then one day lent on his saddle and 'The Noise' came about!! lol

    I tried a different rear wheel and ALAS no noise!!!

    therefore something on that rear wheel was causing the noise.

    I was running a SRAM Red cassette on that wheel through a Shimano DA Set up..... so I changed the cassette to a SRAM Force cassette and the noise was quieter but still there....

    I then swapped the SRAM cassette for a Shimano cassette and NO NOISE!!!

    So it was deffo something with the SRAM Cassettes.... I then tested the SRAM cassettes through a SRAM Red Groupset and the noise was still there???

    It actually came out that my rear derailleur on both bikes weren't quite lined up and due to the constructional differences between Shimano and SRAM the chain wasn't running quite true:)

    So lesson learned from my experience is that just because the noise appears to come from the Crank/BB it doesn't always mean its actually there thats the problem.......
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I had creaking crank as well. I'm the same as gavinrigg, my spd's were causing it. I had just put on the look keo's and used the cleats I got with the shimano's. Creaked like buggery too the point where I thought the spds were causing. Bought some specific look cleats and now no creaking.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    It happens!

    If your bike is in good order then you can possibly ignore it and it might go away - as errant bearings bed down. However it can be really annoying and if you are not a regular servicer then get it seen to. Bring it to your LBS or remve the BB or crank arrangement and grease it

  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Bottom bracket sounds like it has gone! They cost about 25£ for a entry level shimano one. Might be worth getting the bike shop to hit it as you need speacial tools to undo the bearing nit to the frame.
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    As mentioned above, take crank off, take the bb off and regrease everything, the put it back on a torque it properly. Also check the chainring bolts and make sure they are torqued to spec If it still creaks take it to the LBS
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Oh and check pedals as above, take them off, grease the threads and put them back on. A good way to check if it is your BB area is by putting the power the down whilst standing out of the saddle, you should hear the creaking at the bottom of each pedal stroke
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    If it's a high pitched clicking type noise, then it's more likely that it's the BB. But as posted above, take apart, grease, and see what happens...
  • BanksyBanksy Posts: 7
    Happens alot on a MTB this. Often as simple as taking cranks off cleaning the crap off and putting back on. Get yourself a Crank extractor if you don't already have one.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Since reading this thread, my crank has started creaking! Whats up with that? Someone put up a post about winning the Windsor OD age group this weekend.
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