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Wheel Upgrades

PC67PC67 Posts: 101
I'm thinking of treating myself to a carbon wheelset, but within a budget (not too far off £500).

Am thinking of the following:

Hed Jet

FSA RD-488

I see Planet-X has a good carbon wheelset for £499 but only take tubs.

Anyone got any of the above & care to comment?


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    DedeDede Posts: 35

    FSA do extremely good components, however from reviews FSA wheels receiving average rating, Planet X wheels no clinchers version damn got good reviews I think I saw in 220 mag or cycling plus about a great set of carbon wheels at an extremely competitive price, Hed live on reputation and based on my opinion there is nothing wrong with these wheels, if I had the cash I'd buy the Jet 50's, you'd be lucky to get a set though for £500 ish.
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    PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Thanks. £599 was the offered price for the HED Jets in a few ads I've seen recently.
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    ive got a set of 50mm planet x carbons and im more than happy with them[:D]
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    scorpionscorpion Posts: 11
    Check out Planet x site. Now doing 50's as clincher aswell. Many friends using Planet x wheels and they are fast.
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