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Merchant Taylors' Triathlon 18th May 2008

This race seems quite close to where I live so I may enter either the olympic or the sprint as a saeson warm up.

The race website is short on detail.

Is this the race's first year? Does anyone know anything about the terrain, number of laps etc.? The google earth photo (ad section at back of 220 mag and the promoter's website) suggests it's a nice course

All comments appreciated.

I think it's the same day as one of the dorney lake sprints which are fine events, very spectator friendly, but a little on the functional side. A more scenic alternative would be welcome, and nearer to me than Blenheim.

Race profits go to Amnesty International.


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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    This race does look interesting and is only about a 10 min ride from where I live so I'm also interested. There was infomation about it on the website for Triathlon Zone, the shop in St Albans (www.triathlon-zone.com). I know the swim is in the lake directly behind the school, but that is it.

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    PC67PC67 Posts: 101

    I'm thinking serioyusly of doing this one so I'll try and find out more.
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