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PC67PC67 Posts: 101
Has anyone tried Yoga as part of his/her fitness programme?

I'm considering giving it a go, mainly to improve my flexibility. I thought it could complement my other training.


  • Personally I prefer Pilates as it concentrates more on the core muscles as well as flexibility.
  • BuddyBuddy Posts: 20
    I prefer Pilates to Yoga as I feel I have done more of a workout
  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Thanks. Will look into Pilates. Have heard good things about it.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Never done pilates before but I find yoga is great as a recovery session and for streching muscles whilst helping add some strength.
  • FigmentFigment Posts: 3
    Hi folks

    I've use Yoga, power yoga infact which is more cardio than normal yoga. I find it helps to improve my flexibility and helps to improve my breathing whilst exercising.
  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    There's a 6 week power yoga beginners' course run regularly just down the road from our house. I think I'll give it a shot this winter. I'm also planning to do some proper weight training as I'm fed up having the upper body strength of a 7 year old. My daughter is nearly 4 and my status as household arm wrestling champion will be under threat before long (my wife doesn't enter).

    I know a good swim time is supposed to be technique, technique and more technique but I can't help but think that just a little bit of strength might help!

  • CL1V3CL1V3 Posts: 1
    Im from Goa & there is gonna be a yoga retreat beginning shortly. I will be definately goin to this place. I have lately fallen in love wit yoga & also bcoz of my fitness problems that hv occured lately. The yoga retreat is close to my place & its anme is [url=http://www.ashiyana-yoga-goa.com/]Ashiyana Tropical Yoga Retreat Centre[/url]...i feel im gonna njoy it a real lot...till then

  • FigmentFigment Posts: 3
    I don't use Yoga as a main type of training but more as an add on. Everyone needs to do some sort of flexibility work so why not do something like Yoga. I find it helps to calm my breathing to. Try Tai Chi, that helps too.

    Everyone needs to do some sort of weight training as PC67 mentioned, technique in swimming is very important but to honest my swimming technique is poor but my upper body strength balances it out so I don't do to bad in swimming. If i improved my technique then who knows how fast my swimming would be.

    I think the general rule of thumb is to open your mind to any type of training it may help it may not.
  • Best place in Goa for relaxing and enjoying holidays with Yoga retreat.


  • bzat_05bzat_05 Posts: 2

    Hey, I was also looking for advice on taking up yoga and found this blog that was really encouraging - https://wholyme.com/blogs/wellness-routine/why-runners-should-practice-yoga/

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