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New to Triathlon

Hi, i am new to triathlon and want advice on the best bike to buy. I will do some duathlon's aswell so could do with a bike that would be suitable for both types of events. I have a budget of around £650. Thanks Ben


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    The question that can get ten thousand replies with ten thousand different answers.
    Keeping it simple,
    bike fit is the most important point,no point in spending a huge wad and being uncomfortable as hell,when a bike at a third of the price will not leave you getting off it and walking like you have been kicked in the family jewels.

    Get a bike that you like the look of and want to ride it,not because someone says it is good,you want to covet it and when you walk past it you want to jump on and ride it.

    Unless you are going for off road duathlons,the same bike can be used for triathlons and duathlons,no worries there.

    After taking into account these points,go to all your local bike shops(lbs) prefferably independant ones,ask what they have in your price range,try as many as you can,if you do have a Halfrauds near you,have a look at the Boardman range,slightly above your price quoted but for a grand you do get a resonably specced bike.

    £650,though could get you a Bianchi,......bottom of the range but Italian none the less.

    Sorry it is not a definite answer though.Happy hunting.

    Someone is bound to advise Bridgtown bikes,but I have no experience of them.
  • Hi and welcome to Triathlon!

    Have a look at the Giant Defy range. I brought the Defy for £450ish but they go up several models up to about £900. Even though mine is the bottom of the pile I can't rave about it enough...it is fantastic for the money. I can imagine that the bikes higher up in the range will be great value also and obviously of higher spec. A defy 2 model (about £700) from a year or so got a great review from this magazine.

    But as said above...everyone has a different opinion, and for £650 you'll be able to get a decent bike for your money from any reputable brand.

    Good luck with whatever you choose,
  • The Boardman Comp is now £559 with Shim 105 or the Team with SRAM rival for £719. OK not carbon framed but at those prices...
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