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Which bike to buy ???? Help

I am just about to get a new bike (planning for next year already) while the prices are lowering before the 09 bikes hit the shops.

I have narowed it down to the Cannondale slice or the QR Caliente which I can get for roughly the same price.

Which do you guys and gals reckon is the better bike to go for ?????????????


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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    I don't own either but in the latest issue of 220 Tri they review the QR claiente - it gets an 8 overall with 9 for handling, 8 for spec, 7 for value (£2199) and 8 for comfort.

    Issue 220 of tri 220 reviewed the slice (£1499) giving it a 9 overall and 9's for each of the categories above.

    If your spending £2000 the Felt b12 gets a cracking review in this months 220.
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    Yeah, I've read the reviews on the QR and the Felt (which put me of the Specialised which I originally fancied), but haven't seen the review of the Slice. I have heard really good things about it on almost every forum though !!
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    I too fancied the Specalize bike, but now shifting towards the Felt or QR.

    from what I am told and have read, the second two bikes are more comfortable,

    not yet made a final decision
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    I have ridden a slice, only briefly, but it felt really good, and gets good reviews from everyone whos tried it. The reason i decided not to buy it was the componentry/wheels, which although not too bad at all for the price I could see me upgrading fairly rapidly. So I have gone down the build route, and slane cycles have agreed to build me a cervelo P2C, with ultegra SL, carbon cranks, carbon bars etc. for about 1700, which I think is a great deal.

    If you get it from TFN in nottingham you can use your 10% voucher from 220 to get it for 1350, which is really a bargain.
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    Being stuck in the far reaches of Cornwall there aren't to many good bike shops so you can tend to be stuck with what they do, and although I don't mind buying online most things I don't fancy doing that for a bike as I'd want it set up for me properly. Especially as I had set up problems with my present bike which ruined my first tri on it.
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    Just to throw in another thought - if you can stretch to it I would also test ride a Trek Equinox - v comfy, v fast and fitted right out of the box - I got mine two weeks ago (a 9.5 TTX for £2050) and it is amazing - took 15 mins off my 23km time in a race a week or so back [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)] - the only thing that needs changing are the wheels eventually for some 404s and the cassette (as an 11-23 is a little challenging on the hills and left little in the legs for the run!!!)

    Hope it helps

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