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Thanks a lot!

racebelts..... a friend of mine showed me a good trick with these, but it does involve having a stapler in your bag, he puts both numbers back to back and staples the four corners together, then simply thread the number belt through the middle, pin it so it doesn't slide off, and away you go. it worked when i tried it.

good luck



  • Thanks fatmatt, great tip!
  • Thanks mainly to reading various posts on this forum I have admit to having caught the bug and I haven't even done my first event yet (Ilkley sprint on Sept 24th).

    I have a had 2 really good brick sessions this week (and felt like I could have done all three disciplines today when I finished) and this forum has spurred me on to be able to achieve that. I have even shelled out for kit I promised myself I wouldn't buy until I had done one event at least but, from only thinking about crossing the finishing line, I am now aiming for middle of the pack. I would be evstatic if I achieved this.

    So, sincerely, thanks a lot, there is truly an unbelievable amount of help on these forums.

    P.S. Any advice on race belts or are they much of a muchness? And maybe silly question but do you attach the number at the middle or top - surely it will flap about a lot?
  • Top tip ! ... always have problems with my numbers folding up on the run and panicking in case I get shouted at by the marshalls ( a bit of a sensitive soul me)
  • I finished my first sprint - 500m swim, 9m bike and 3m run - yesterday.

    Almost did PB in swim, bike exactly according to plan and run faster than expected.

    The number tip was indeed a top tip. My transitions were great except for the person next to me managing to lock their bike pedal into mine when they racked so I nearly ended up with 2 bikes to ride!

    1:15:30 finish time, came 82nd out of 218 - about 100 places further up the field than I expected when I first started training.

    Thanks again to all those with advice to offer. Right, off to improve my swimming. I am DEFINITELY addicted!
  • Also forgot to mention the shocking cramp I got in my quads with about a mile of the run to go. They hurt like hell today. Didn't get it in training at all, very strange.
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