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Cleaning swimming goggles

This probably seems like a really daft question but how do I clean my swimming goggles?

I have a pair of Aqua Sphere goggles and they have, over the past few weeks, been gradually getting a build up of residue on the inside. I have bought some Aqua Sphere Anti-fog solution and used that today but I can still see stuff on the inside of the lens. I know you're not supposed to really do anything with the inside of the lens so how do I sort it out?

Any help appreciated as my first sprint tri is this weekend and I would like to be able to see where I am going!



  • Bob, Lately i have been trying the following despite it going against recomendations, i have been cleaning the insides of goggles with a clean tissue until no residue present then keep goggles clean until race time and if possible put them on before entering the water with a good suction, if the residue still remians i use a small bit of fairy liquid and dry out as above with tissue........................

    Hope this helps
  • A wee tip from scubdiving days. Lick the inside of the lens prior to entering the water. That stops the lenses from fogging up during your session. Still doesnt make any difference to the speed of my swim but it helps to see everyone overtaking!
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