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Finding it realy hard to get back into traing after my first tri, i did my 1st tri in over 15 years in Sept last year and was overjoyed with my result i knew it was coming to the end of the season and didnt want to do anything else as i thought i would wait till after the new year to start training again, but know i'm finding it difficult to get back in the swing of things as i'm on a budget i dont have the money to visit the pool and need a new bike as mine is basically s**T plus the weather we have had hasnt been great! I know i'm pulling off plenty of excuses but just need some sort of motivation to get back in the swing of things plus with work and family commitments make it hard to! Any advive would be much appreciated!


  • Yep, I know where you are coming from, did my first tri at Tatton last year,and havn't worn my trainers since!
    Try reading 220. I did on Sunday ,then 11/2 hour bike ride and signed up for a sprint last night and am just writing a training diary now!! and plan to join my local club for extra support.
    Good luck
  • I have a bike for sale ;-)

    Difficult time of the year this! Dark, wet and cold. I'm struggling myself to get back into it.

    Tomorrow is my first work commute since beginning of december. :-S I've done few hours each weekend but thats for pleasure, not transport.
  • What bike and how much plus where do you live? i cant join a club as the one nearest to me is around 60-70 mile away
  • CharlieCharlie Posts: 4
    Can't you change your location...
    You can also have a truck to reach there with your bike...
    I have seen many people using this way to participate..
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