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clothing advice from ladies needed

Training's going well - getting use do the bike, and thanks to advice here, to the gears, and building to the London triathlon - my first - fine. I'm just working through the tri-suit or not to tri-suit conundrum, and I can't find any female shop staff to ask this question: do people wear sports bra tops under/instead of tri suits? Tried one on today, and can't get my head round running 10k with all the support of a tight swimsuit... - Not a disaster, but definitely not comfortable, and I plan to enoy my race... Any suggestions? (I asked a guy in the shop today, and he leered and insisted noone wears anything underneath... nice.)

Also, one the gents might be able to help with - I'd like to wear a knee support if possible (old cruciate injury I'm paranoid about). Are there makes that are ok in the water and under a wetsuite...?



  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Sarah ...My & my cruciate injury go way back ... fortunately it doesn't play up if I stay sensible with running but if i Have grief I make use of an Allsport knee support. its great in / out of water as its neoprenelike a wetsuit. It is a little bulky which would make it awkward with a full wetsuit.

    this seems probably better as you could wrap it around your knee in T1 ... I havent had to use mine iin tri yet but would probabaly use a wrap rather than a slip on brace


    as for the sports bra issue ... i wish my pecs need that much support !

    where & when you racing ?

    madnurse Phil [:)]

  • sarahb193sarahb193 Posts: 11
    Thanks for that. I actually probably don't need that much support (on the knee...) happily. - Likewise, mine's ok if I'm careful with my running schedule. The days of hinges are over, I hope. But I find a fairly sturdy, tight support stops it feeling wobbly at the end of a long run - and keeps my pace up when I'm tired. Otherwise I start imagining it'll give way under me as my muscles tire. I could put one on for the final leg, but I'm not sure how realistic that is... A neoprene support without hinges might be ideal. ?

    I'm doing the London triathlon three weeks on sunday - Olympic. Just typing that gives me a nasty burst of adrenaline...

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    christ is it only 3 weeks !!!!!!!! oh well ... hoping I wont needmy knee brace for London (or any other race for that matter) ... then again might need it in the bar afterwards .. am guessing your training is coming on well if you now focused on your wardrobe [:)] which start wave are you .... this is your opportunity to make us feel unworthy and say you in the elite race ....... (you might be)

    madnurse phil [:D]
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi Sarahb193

    I understand the problem!

    I have a one-piece tri-suit with no additional support that I wear with a sports bra, and a two-piece that has built in support which I wear on its own. I'd never wear a trisuit with no support and no bra, if you see what I mean! If you do, you'll find the worst bit is running with your bike out of T1, when you're still all wet. Probably don't need to say more!

    Provided your sports bra is fast-drying, that is a good option, and provides the best support.

    Enjoy your first tri ...
  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    Hi Sarah

    I too have pondered over this problem. Like Pat I decided to wear my sports bra under my wet suit (no way could I run comfortably without one). Mine's also a two piece.

    Hope this helps - I suspect the most important thing is to wear what you are used to and comfortable with.

    I too am doing my first tri - London Olympic 30-34 on Sunday.

    Am a bit nervous.

    See you there

  • sarahb193sarahb193 Posts: 11
    That's great - thank you! I'll experiment with the sports bra/tri suit combo...

    I'm Olympic 30-34 too - Sunday morning - so see you there!

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