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Last minute tips needed



  • peterparkypeterparky Posts: 59

    Don't worry about uninterupted cycling - i have only done 2 tri's and both had to stop at traffic lights and roadworks which is a pain when you are pedalling balls out - so London is good practice! Just get your feet out of those cleats in time!!

    I have just received race instructions for the ESFRS Tri in Brighton and there are 3 sets of lights on the 28k course and we have to get off and walk round them if they are red or GREEN!! So i am practising jumping on and off !?

    have fun

  • chugheschughes Posts: 12
    hoky koky, how about a good place to practice all 3 disciplines? people have mentioned brighton in other threads to practice open water swimming but I'm thinkin of doing a dry run of the whole sprint to see what it's like.....

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI Chughes... Ihave resorted to many means of training ... sticking all 3 together to do a practise tri isnt alwasy that easy but can be done. Obviiously ideal would be to swim open water then bike n run but this isnt always possible...i have used the pool, a spinning bike and an indoor track before now. (courtesy of total fitness). is about making most of what u can access. brick training will usually suffice to cover most withut overdoing things but to run through all 3 now and then is good.
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