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London cycling


I am new to triathlon training and will also be new to London in a few weeks, living in the Highbury / Finsbury Park area. Can any Londoners make any suggestions about some good, relatively safe routes I can pedal for a couple of hours? What are the main London parks like? Or are there any other recommended routes which avoid too many traffic jams / sideswipes from lorries etc? Maybe getting out of the city altogether is a better bet? I'm open to all ideas...

Thanks a million



  • Ok, so I am replying to myself, but a bit more googling has yielded this, which I thought others may also find useful. It has running and cycle routes in London and around: http://www.serpentine.org.uk/routes/#east
  • Alright

    I only started this year, did the sprint at London tri the other week.

    Cycling was the new sport for me and getting used to the clip in pedals and nightmare London traffic at the same time has been interesting! Far more scary than the open water swimming that worries most people but I loved!

    I live in Highbury (not far from Finsbury park) - moving soon but wanna stay round here.

    Fortunately my mate who did the tri with me is a keen cyclist and has helped me with it all - I can now be found tearing round the outer circle of Regents park (between 4 and 5k round) which is reasonable for going at a fair pace with little traffic but there are a few traffic lights you have to stop once or twice a circuit. This is only a 15 min ride from my house. Better is Richmond park which is about 10k a circuit, less traffic and much more like being in the countryside..... bit further away tho'.

    Haven't been riding for more than 2-3 hours yet but plan to work up to some 50 mile plus rides which should be enough to get out into the countryside proper.

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