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London Tri 2006 entry

Have just returned from hols expecting London Tri (sprint) race details but nothing. I received confirmation e-mail and they took payment last September so had no reason to think there was a problem.

The website says there will be no-one to answer the phone in the office next week. Anyone any ideas as to how I can find out what's going on? Anyone else in the same boat?



  • DaveDave Posts: 3
    Liam, I think you can make contact with the organisors by contacting the Excel centre direct, soory but don't have the contact number. Good luck
  • Hi Dave

    Thanks for your response - I did manage to get hold of someone in the office yesterday - on the website it said they were out all week but then a more recent update I saw said from 1st Aug. But I did manage to speak to someone who confirmed I was in (much to my relief) and I should be able to collect race number etc from the Help Desk at Excel on Saturday.

    They didn't seem too phased by it so I assume I'm not the first.

    I was thinking at one stage I would have to go to Excel before Saturday and try to find someone that way!

    Hey, but thanks again for your response.

    Are you entered too? If so, enjoy!

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