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I need to renew my chainset on bike and am currently running

a double 39/52 but cinsidering going to a compact, has anyone

any views or advice on whether to change or not.

This is a bike that I ride all the time for TT's, Tri's and general road riding.



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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    The chainset i would recommend is a bontrager X-Lite carbon chainset in a 39/53.Comes with a 5 YEAR GARENTEE
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    Matt KMatt K Posts: 16
    The ideal gear setup for you bike should really be decided by the terrain you ride and the sort of riding you do.

    Just give some serious consideration to what the hills are like where you ride, do you need nice easy gears to spin up steep hills? or do you often spin out going down long fast descents?

    I am due a new chainset and am pondering the same question at the moment. But im also considering a triple chainset to give a nice big range of gears to make my bike more flexible ( the weight of an extra chain ring probably won't be noticable)

    But then im a mountain biker and not having a granny ring just seems strange!
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