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Clipless Pedals

Currently using MTB SPD pedals double entry, bought MTB pedal initally becauses of of ease of walking/cycling in shoes, looking to upgrade to Tri secific shoes & pedals WHAT is the diference between Look, Time , Shimano SPD SPDL ETc..pedals ?? pro /cons of single entry douple entry please !


  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    I was lead to believe that the single entry/exit pedal has a wider base which stops hotspots when spending hours in the saddle. There is also an issue with the float also i believe. I use shimano pedals with specialized Trivent shoes and I've had zero problems except for cold feet now and again.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Single and double entry. Well double entry should be like you mtb pedals now and they are easier to get into as youhave double the chance of hitting the mark, the downside is they weih more and typically dont have such a large platform. The only real negative with single sided pedals is that they are harder to get into (until you get used to them), but typically your not going to be getting in and out of them on a bike ride.
  • annlannl Posts: 6
    Hi, I'm a rubbish cyclist but have tried lots of different pedals! I had shimano MTB double sided spds on my road bike for ages, then tried and hated Look (hard to get out of for me and to walk in with the huge cleats). I've now settled on crank bros candy c pedals which are double sided like all their "eggbeater" types. The cleats are similar to shimano spd cleats with little side bits to attach rubber pontoons to, so not too bad to walk in. I don't have hot spots, although haven't ridden over 100 miles for a few years - shoes are shimano TR

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