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Nose Clips


I allways wear a nose clip when swimming as i find it too painful (i think i have may have some kind of nose problem?) when i get water up my nose to swim for more than around 50 meters. Ive tried to get used to swimming without one but have made no progress so it looks like im stuck using one.

My question being, in competition do many people, or even any people wear them? are the frowned upon?

I know it would be quite easy to lose one during open water starts etc but i just cannot see myself ever overcomming the 'water up the nose' problem.

Thanks for any help in advance.[:)]


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I dont think there is a rule that says nose clips aren't allowed...I think most "better" swimmers probably breath out through their nose and month (I am a mouth only exhaler as I haven't evolved enough) preventing up the nose water..I nose clip in the pool (training only as its just one more thing to take off in trans and slow you down) but have never had problems when chlorine wasn't involved..

    hope that helps

  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Cheers for the reply[:)]

    I am trying my best to try and swim less with the clip but its still very hard even when i exhale through my nose.

    As long as they are not banned ill be ok[;)][:D]

  • I also use one as I have problems with water up the nose, if you use one in a open water start attach it to the bridge of your goggles with a short piece of string that way when it gets kicked off you can replace it easily.
  • Hi Rich,

    dont worry, you're not alone needing a nose clip. I was doing quite well on a SCUBA course until it came time to breathe through the regulator without a face mask on. Deep breath in through regulator resulted in half the pool disappearing up my nose with no effort on my part!! Apparently, so they assured me, its quite a common-ish complaint and some people just cant shut off their nose. Hence the need for me to wear a nose clip as well, even the water running down my face as I breath goes staight up a nostril and into my lungs, well it feels like it anyway!!

    I'm thinking of trying goggles that cover my nose as well, apparently they exist but I havent found them yet, any thoughts?

    I tried breathing out through my nose butas soon as I stop the water goes striaght back up[:'(]
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    Thanks again for the response.[:)]

    Good tip Steve! I will make sure its securely fastened to my goggles.

    No matter what i try, i can never make the problem go away.

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