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Flying a bike overseas ?

Hi, i have never taken a bike overseas before and would like any tips or advice that members who have done so could give me please on this matter.

Do they need stripping down and boxing up?

Is it just a case of the front wheel comming off and a protective packing around the bike?

As i say, im totally new to this but would like to learn the details before i need to do this next May.

Many thanks in advance for any help offered.

Regards, Rich


  • nickjaywnickjayw Posts: 33
    Hi Rich,

    I've taken my MTB to the Pyranees and the Alps both using Easyjet and was recommended to dismantle most of the bike. Definitely both wheels off and into padded wheel bags - deflate tyres quite a bit - and replace with braces to ensure the frame doesn't get squeezed. Rear-mech off and bundled between the rear stays in bubble wrap, pedals off and if you can the chainring. Take the handlebars off and bubble wrap/duck tape them between the front forks and finally saddle off.

    Generally, put everything solid in as much cardboard/bubble wrap as possible. You simply don't know what is going to be loaded on top of the bag or how many times its going to be dropped onto a corner.

    Better safe than sorry.

    What are your overseas travel plans? Are you tri-racing abroad?


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    That pretty much covers it all I think! Only other thing I can recommend is to get some pipe clading to put around the bike tubes giving it some more protection.
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Hi, Thanks for the info[:)]

    Nick, Im confirmed for the Ironman Lanzarote next may 19th.

    First Tri event![&:]

    Training 25 hours a week currently, thus taking the enormity of the challenge seriously!

    Thanks again guys,

    Regrads, Rich
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I tihnk Nurse may find a friend here ':D
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