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Hi All

I'm after buying a wet suit for a bit of Open water Swimming training before the end of the season, but I know nothing about them.

I've got around £200 to spend if anyone can give me any recomendations on which are worth the money and which are not.

I've seen orca suits as popular, but are they better than the others ????




  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    In all honesty I can't say I only have and have tried the Ironman Instinct which is quite old now, but I find it very comfortable as long as I take time to put it on right! Try to see about where you could test a few.
  • Ideally you should try on several to make sure you get a decent fit.

    TriUK have an endless pool in store in which you can try before you buy - They're around Yeovil somewhere (www.triuk.com)

    There must be others like this and I seem to think that Swim Bike Run (www.sbrsports.co.uk) might do something in agreement with whoever /operates/ Dorney Lake near Windsor.

    I picked up an Orca Speedsuit on ebay from start fitness on ebay. (I don't know if they have any arrangement for swimming in the suit before you buy it - although they were very helpful)



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