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Triathlon Training Facility

Hi all!

I'm looking to open a training facility in the south and am looking for ideas for the tri-specific facilities. I'm sure we have all been to gyms and such but what if we could have the same laboratory type facilities that the pros have. For instance, im sure many of us have been at a gym or on a treadmill finding it max's out at 10 mph or bikes that are limited to 360 watts of resistance. Maybe live Vo2 training or lactate measurements would be useful? And also, what do we all think of endless pools, I know a few places have them in the UK with cameras for stroke and form analysis but has anyone been to one and found it effective? Or how about bringing your bike to winter sessions, turbo training after the swim under monitored conditions . . . . ? What about T1/2 practice environments?

Anyway, any ideas would be great. No idea is a silly idea . . . . well apart from my ex, grrrr.

Thanks for all your help. This site rocks! (as they say).



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    An idea for indoor facilities, the Holmes place has an indoor track running around the gym area which people warm up on, only a couple of lanes. This could be incorporated alongside the use of turbo trainers for more realistic indoor brick sessions when weather conditions outside make it necessary.
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    BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Having access to scientiffic training (i.e. finding blood lactate etc) would be great.

    But also the benefit to get together with like minded people and pay for some tri specific training sessions (I can't afford most of the specific sessions or 1-1 stuff) so that would be worthwhile.

    I love the idea of a dedicated tri training area.
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    stevedavis82stevedavis82 Posts: 110
    Sounds toogood to be true. Would love a place like this to train. Whatabout anindoor cycling track...would obviously depend on space!!!!!! Like the idea of having turbos instead of resistance bikes.

    Tri coaches would be good obviously rather than just your bog standard fitness instructor.

    V02 Max machines also welcome.

    Transition areas

    Anything tri specific to help would be good!!

    Keep me posted.
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    It seems that the Northerners have one.

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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Where abouts down south is this going to be?
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