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trg with/witout a club pro's & con's

I am trying to decide on a club to join at the moment. I currently train 8-10 hrs p/wk. I live in Woking, Surrey and there are 2 clubs fairly close. 1 seams to do half the sessions but is close by and the other looks like it is more committed. I think that a club enviroment is needed for improvement. Any advice?


  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    I would try and go along to a couple of sessions of both clubs. See which one suits your needs best, see who you get on with etc.

  • Join the best club you can, the one that has most club events. Even if you arn't able to train weith them regularly you will have people to race against and with. CLub events are fun and don't have to be all the same - we have had a run/swim/run/swim/run event as well as open water training and tonight a beep test.

    If the local Tri club aren't affiliated to Time trial assoc then join a local cycliing club and do their time trials. See www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk for club and event listing.

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