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Goggle lens colour

Hi all I was looking to replace my goggles and now have loads of lens colours to choose from does anyone know the pros and cons of:





I use my clear ones for the pool so which would be best for the sea and lakes.



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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Dark coloured lenses allow you to ogle the girl in the next lane undetected. [8D]

    Ahem... yellow is good for contrast in poor visibility, although surely that is only an issue on the bike?

    Dark lenses help outside if you know that the sun is going to be in your face, or on your predominant breathing side in a race. i.e. lots of discussion about London Tri at the moment, so remember if you have an early morning start you are sighting directly into the sun, and for later starts right-breathers are turning their heads into the sun.

    Generally speaking I'd go for a dark tint outside. To me it is also important to have good lateral visibility (so I can see who is about to kick me in the face) so I avoid minimalist racing goggles and go for wider ones - I've been using Aquasphere Kaimans for the last 2 years precisely for this reason.
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