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220 Subscription Renewal

Check this out, 220 have just sent me a renewal letter through the post, promising me a lovely set of Aqua Sphere Goggles if I renew my magazine membership. The only problem is that I am still waiting for my Free Gift from last year. So let me think..mmmmmmm...na I don't think so.


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I've given up renewing subscription to magazines because you always get a far better deal by cancelling your subscription and then signing up as a newcomer. Also I now ALWAYS pay by cheque as if you pay bt DD they will not stop and YOU have to go to your bank to get it all stopped
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    Really depends how much you get from the mag. Although they dangle the carrot of a free gift, its also a cheaper deal and no need to go to newsagent. I personally think its a good read. However it might become a bit repetetive after a year or two, unless techniques etc change dramatically in that time.
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    I dont know about the rest of you, but i found that since joining a club, half the magazine is not worth reading i.e. training tips, swimming technique tips etc. Thats what a coach is for.

    I do enjoy the product reviews, race reports and interviews. So to echo Hound Dog it does depend on what you get out of it.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Just reading thismag, looking at those pics makes you want to grab your bikeor running shoes and go out forsome action. It's a great motivator, great revieuws on new gear, new or different techniques,....

    Oh, by the way, 220 didn't pay me towrite this[:D].

    No,really, I'm satisfied with it. I don't get gifts or whatever, since i'm from abroad, I need to pay more than you guys to get it, but I still think it's a good mag(and one of the few thats available in our sports).
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