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[:D] Went swimming lunchtime today in order to work on my crawl technique. I 've been having problems with my breathing and suffering from considerable discomfort as what seems to be half of the pool passes through my nasal cavity! Therefore i thought i'd try nose clips... worked well for a length or two then fell off never to be seen again... i obviously have more of a snout than a nose. Has anybody any better ideas at all... apart from a snorkel or growing a set of gills!!!!!


  • Hi

    If you have difficulty with the normal type of nose clip falling off, i think there are a type that can are attached to a piece of elastic that goes round your neck (not too tightly though to restrict breathing in another way!). While it may still fall off at least it won't disappear to the bottom of the pool.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    breathe out slowly through your nose. this will stop the water going in and improve your breathing technique.

    do not "sneeze" it out as this will cause you to over breathe. just nice and gently then as you turn to breathe you only have to suck the air in.
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