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Wombourne Sprint - First Timer part 2!!!

There are basically two formats I've seen. Both of them start with you in the pool.

Format 1 is you have a shared lane (2-4 others) and simply do lengths.

Format 2 is a staggered start (typically 30 seconds) and you do lengths but moving from lane to lane (so for Crystal Palace you start in lane 1, swim up, at the top move into lane 2, swim down, still in lane 2 swim up, move into lane 3, swim down, then up, move into 4 etc).

Hope that helps.


  • Pow PowPow Pow Posts: 10
    Hi all,

    As my last question was answered so helpfully with the minimum of sniggering i've decided to pluck up the courage to ask my 2nd ridiculous question.

    As you've probably guessed the Wombourne Sprint will be my first tri-event. Swimming is my current focus due to it being my weakest discipline. It's an indoor pool at the venue but one thing i'm unsure of is how competitors will start. Is this from a diving position or from inside the pool?

    Many thanks in anticipation of your help... no doubt i shall return with numerous other bizarre questions!!

    POW POW!
  • Pow PowPow Pow Posts: 10
    Thanks mate.
  • One question to add. If you stop during the swim, or your feet touch the bottom, do you get disqualified?
  • Stopping and feet touching the bottom are fine. Not encouraged in the deep end mind!!
  • Fair point! I'll bear that in mind.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    If you do stop for any reason, out of courtesy it's best you make sure your not impeding anyone else's progress!

    It's suprising how much extra breath people can find to hurl abuse when swimming!
  • Guilty as charged your honour...to my eternal shame I shared a few expletives with a fellow competitor in the pool at Tadcaster Sprint tri earlier this year. In my defence he was swimming the wrong way down the lane and causing chaos but there was no excuse for my between breaths tirade.

    I caught him up on the run and apologised...I have now built a counting to ten while swimming drill into this years training plan!!
  • I'm also due to be doing my first tri next year, so can i ask a silly question to with regards to the swim??

    If it's getting a bit tough does anyone ever revert to breaststroke for a bit of a breather or is this just a definite no-no?

    Cheers Guys.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Breast stroke is absolutely fine so long as your not using it to get a few good kicks in on fellow competitors!!
  • I did the Wombourne Sprint in Sept 06 and I think it's the same every time. The starts are in the deep end of the pool and you jump in just before "the off" and start by pushing away from the side. The pool was split into 6 lanes and a competitor starts every minute. Basically, you stay in your own lane for the whole swim but most of the time you have the lane to yourself. The only thing to consider is getting out of the pool at the deep end - might be worth practising .....
  • Its also good form that if someone touches your feet (in the swim!!) that you let them go ahead on the turn around.
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