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Campag to Shimano rear hub?

OK.. So being a complete newbie I bought a pair of Campagnolo Khamsin Clincher Wheel Set, and forgot about the rear hub compatibility. I have SRAM Rival shifters which are compatible with shimano rear hubs.

So what should I do? buy a complete new shimano rear hub? Can't one just change the rear hub body* to accept shimano cassettes?




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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    normally you would need to change the free hub body however as you have the campag khamsin they dont actually make them to be shimano compatible and thiers no avalible free hub body for them either.my only suggestion would be to get a new rear wheel/wheelset,if you do want to do that i recommend DT swiss 1900 rear wheel or fulcrum racing 7 or 5 wheelset.
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