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Advice on my first tri

Hi all

I've just entered my first triathlon in May next year (Erskine Novice Tri).

I've got a really basic newbie question about the swim leg - it's a pool based swim, so do I wear a pair of trunks and pull on a t shirt before the bike or should I be buying any tri-specific clothing for it?




  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I have been doing tri for one season, and it is not only me, but probably about 50% wear trunks, and pull on a t-shirt.

    It just slows you down a bit.
  • GrantGrant Posts: 15
    Thanks for the reply. Someone else also suggested this to me. Looks like this is what I'll have to do.

    Thanks again.
  • Personally, I find it is so much smoother to go through transition without having to pull on a t-shirt (you ever try pulling on a dry t-shirt over a wet body?), so I prefer to go through the whole thing with a tri-suit. It not only saves me maybe 1 minute of fumbling around (maybe not that much, not sure), but it also is less stressful to come out, pop on your cycling shoes (no socks for me, either), put on your helmet and glasses, hop on the bike and go. The less fumbling, the less stress, the better. But, that's me.
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