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Anybody know wheres the best site to find dates for Scottish tri's? desperate to do some open water tri's this year (starting with a nice easy one) near as poss to Inverness.

Still finding it hard to find anyone up here to train for open water.

If anyone else has any tips,dates etc re scottish tri's feel free to post them.


  • DavidC212DavidC212 Posts: 12
    Hi Houndog,

    Aberdeenshire Council have a series of Sprint Tri's, 7 in all over the summer although all of them are pool swims. Dates and info can be found at


    They are sponsored by McIntosh Plant Hire.

    All the best,

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Thanks forthat David. I did some of them last year and hope to do a few more. Spoke to organiser at Nairn last year hoping they might turn that into an open water tri aswell, but he wasnt sure it could be done.
  • DavidC212DavidC212 Posts: 12
    No probs. Thought you would know about them but thought I would check and also maybe others would see the posting.

    Good luck with your season!

  • Good site to try is the Glasgow tri club. If you google it you should get the website.

    It links to entrycentral where you can type in what you want and it will list all the races.

    There is a good 70.3 in Braemar this year which looks like fun![:@]

    The Glasgow sprint is in May 27th (I think) it is an International qualifier but dont be put off! Us mere mortals will also be staggering around it.

    Other ones that are great is North Berwick in August, swim is lovely and you get to cycle past Archie's castle (out of Balamory), and of course the Big Triathlon in Fort William which finishes with a wee wander up Ben Nevis. Check out the No Fuss website (I think it is nofussevents.co.uk but do a google search and you will find it ) for details on that one!
  • Hounddog

    I am going to dip a toe into the water this weekend to see what the temp is. I will keep you informed. This time Last year we managed about three seconds and were out of the water. Even the dog refused to swim!

    Forgot to mention - there is a cycle in Applecross in a months time its about 40 miles of hilly terrain on road.

    Check out Strathpuffer website it has an unpronouncable name but is a real bitch of a hillclimb. You need to be quick I think it is filling up fast and you need to apply by post. (you download the form)

  • Terry

    Managed five minutes in Loch Linnhe today before hypothermia took over. It took me about five minutes to get my breath back.

    Feet were numb for the entire bike ride and most of the run at the end.

    I think it may be worth giving it a couple of weeks to warm up. Although may jump into loch morlich (going to Aviemore for hols) over the next few days just to get away from the kids![:D]
  • How many times do I have to contribute before I get more than one star I am fed up being a rookie![:D]

    Terry how come you have got five stars?
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Loch morlich!!!! are you serious? I swam there 2years ago in the middle of summer (pre my triathlon career[8|]) it was baltic with some warm patches, having said that it was before I had a wet suit. What sort of distance did you cycle/run? I did 60miles on the bike then 30min run[&o] cough....wheeze. Really enjoyed it.

    I think Im a superior member due to some sort of bribe for me to stop moaning about "what training have you done today" thread...lol.

    Seriously, it looks like you pick up stars for starting threads as opposed to replying to them, I think.Looks like you'll have to get the thinking cap on. Cheers for all the info btw.
  • Managed four seconds in Loch Morlich. Had to break the ice just to get in. Although a kid put me to shame. He was in with a pair of trunks on for at least ten seconds!

    Sixty miles then a 30 min run. I am still having touble with the sixty miles on the bike. I am still doing olympic distance brick sessions at the moment.

    Managed to cycle from Inverness to Aviemore on the cycle route. That was great although had to go into culloden visitors centre to confirm I was going the right way. Nice ride, its great to have some different scenery for some training.

    Couldnt resist doing Meal A Buchil (which is part of the hill race circuit) what a day. The knees sufferred for a couple of days after. I must actually listen to the physio when she tells me to keep away from hill running.

  • kim1964kim1964 Posts: 5
    have you tried the Knockburn standard tri. It's a great course in a purpose built loch!!

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    That looks a great one Kim, how would a total openwater novice do in it? (gotta start somewhere). Id need to book time off work soon if I was to enter. Got a bit of a buzz just reading about it![;)].

    Gregor, thats sounds like a great day out you had, take it you had wet suit on? The day I swam there, I cycled too, although I did use the main A9 abit.

    Had a dose of sinusitus for the last three days[X(] and am bouncing off the walls so going to hit the pool very soon as doc said it should be ok now.

    Showing my ignorance now, but what exactly are these brick sessions that everyone keeps mentioning?
  • kim1964kim1964 Posts: 5
    Please note that was an old link. Check http://www.entrycentral.com/ for 2007 date. Looks like end of June this year.


  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Thanks for that Kim, cant get the time off work for that[:(] but have sent off entry for aberfeldy [8D]. Two stars Greg? things are looking up lol.
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