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Chlorine allergy

Can anyone help!

After every swim I seem to get a bad reaction to what I can only assume to be a chlorine allergy.

It causes really bad sneezing and running nose for 4-8 hours following a swim session.

I have tried the usual antihistamines but lately they don't seem to do much.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so do you have any suggestions how to sort it?




  • Nose clips are your best bet...I thought I had an allergy 2 but its just that my nose doesn't like getting chlorinated water(or any water really) up it...its why the antihistamines wont have work because your body isn't producing an allergic reaction to it...

    when I don my ever so fetching nose clips no more snot...hope it helps..


  • GraemeGraeme Posts: 48
    Me too, I used to have permanent cold style symptons of runny nose and puffy eyes for a day or so after swimming, but found that a nose clip stops any water going up my nose and hence stops the reaction.

    Nose clips may look a little odd and take a bit of getting used too, but not as bad as sitting at my desk all day sniffing with puffy eyes.

    There's a couple of other guys at my local swimming club with the same problem, so I dont think it's too unusual.

  • Cheers Guys thanks for the advice - will give em' a try!
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