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hi i,m considering doing the london trathlon next year but i am a complete beginner at it, i run 5 days a week and bikw to work each day total of 50 miles a week,but i am struggling to do more than 4 length at a time,i would welcome any help,iain


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    start doing in the pool what you do on the bike and the road ... more and more ..

    only by building things throgh consistency of approach and adjusting the effort / distance / time will you improve .. having said that swimming is a shade more technical than either the run or bike and does require a degreee of ability & skill learning. best bet therefore is to a) get in the pool more often and b) get some coaching. The latter especially will aid with improving your stroke as well your swim fitness not to mention confidence.

    london triathlon is well do-able .. I was in your exact situation last january could barely swim 2 lengths of crawl ... got in the pool, beasted myself for 6 months and came 42nd in my age group at London .. am sure you will acheive as good if not better ... just believe in yourself and you will
  • I was in a similar position last year too. I got 6 swimming lessons at my local gym which improved my technique no end. It was then a case of just getting in the pool and progressively building up the distance. It is amasing how much easier swimming becomes once you have a reasonable technique. I would heartily recommend getting some tuition and building from there.

    There are some good books and videos out there ("Total Immersion" seems to be very well thought of) too.



  • HI, I m desparate to get som regular open water swim practise in but can t find anywhere loca despite scouring the internet. I live in Barnet, in North London. Anyone any ideas of where to go or any good resources to check?
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