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out of breath

hi all its 5 weeks since i started ts swim serially and so far my improvement has been 0,2 lengths and im out of breath,my stamina is ok i ran a 10 m in 1.10.34,14 last wednesday and a 5 on the sand on sunday,i need tips on breathing,will fins help,does anyone know wear i can get swimming lessons in and around the newcastle upon tyne area.

thanks a fed up iain


  • Hello Iain,

    A fellow geordie! I live in the Tyne Valley and am a member of One Life Racing, based in Alnwick. Our lot train in the pool on a Friday evening which is not possible for me so I too am looking for an alternative coaching arrangement.

    I spoke to someone yesterday who mentioned the NE31 Tri club and they train on Thursday's at Hebburn. Non club members welcome apparently. You will find their details on northernpulse.co.uk

    Also, try to get in touch with Bob Hogg, coach with Ryton tri club. he does sessions in Stanley on a Monday night and other sessions elsewhere.

    Hope this helps.

  • cheers matt bob hogg also takes a training session at dunston pool on a satuerday.im going to give it a go this week to se how i get on i may join riyton tri club.


  • Swimming is a tricky business, there a loads of factors that might hinder your speed if your form is not perfect, while swimming you have to be calm, and for you to begin swimming again, TECHNIQUE is the most important you should be concerned with, fitness will come as you improve your technique.

    You should consult your coach for the best technique, about your breathing problem, if you tend to breathe out and in for air in the freestyle, that means your not blowing the air out while your head is in the water!, this is important because if you still have air in your lungs you won't be able to grab some more fresh air in your lungs, making you breathless.

    The best way is for you to watch how some pros blow the air out while the head is under water. Go to youtube.com and type Grant Hackett or Ian Thorpe, you will see what I mean.

    Another way to increase your lung capacity naturally is to use this product called "POWER BREATHE" it adds resistance to your lungs, hence developing it.




  • DRBDRB Posts: 5
    Ryton Tri have opened up their Saturday session to anyone.

    It's at Dunston pool (near the Metro Centre), in the water at 3:45 for an hour.

    First post Chrismas session is Saturday 6th Jan. cost £3.50.

    Bob has underwater video recording facilities which he can make available (and can make DVD recordings, has a swim bench and an Endless Pool at home ......)

  • The recent articles on swim technique in the 220 magazine are well worth reading. One of my new year resolutions is to revisit my technique and these pointers on breathing will be a great help.
  • Regarding breathing swimming, I thought I might share my experience of this last week, as it might be of some help.

    As a little background, I am in training for my first triathlon, which will be in August, in Oslo, Norway, where I live. I have swam regularly for most of my life (I'm 38), and am perfectly at home in water. My problem is, however, that I never learnt to swim crawl with my head in the water. Each time I tried I ran out of breath very quickly, and soon gave it up again. About 13 years ago, I dropped crawl altogether and just stuck with breast-stroke. With breast-stroke I am very happy to spend most of my time under the water and only come up to breath. After many years of swimming like this I am a strong swimmer and can comfortably swim 1500m in about 28 minutes. But, this last week, I decided I had to try and see if I could learn to swim crawl properly. On Monday, I tried swimming crawl every fourth length of the 25m pool. And I completely ran out of breath. Although I was breathing (every full stroke cycle and a half), I was getting no oxygen in my body - it was hopeless. During the week I read the swimming tips in December's edition of this magazine. Especially, I took notice of where it said it was important to relax. It also said that most long distance swimmers breath once every stroke cycle. I thought a little. When I swim breast-stroke I definitely do not have any more time in which to breath, yet I can push really hard for a full hour. The key must be to breath relaxed. I tried again of Friday. I concentrated on breathing in a relaxed manner, I swam very very easily with not great exertion. It was purely an exercise in getting up and down the pool in an easy manner and not getting out of breath. Take it easy, I said to myself. Breath out in relaxed manner under water and then take a relatively easy in breath when your mouth surfaces. Well, for the first time in my life, I swam crawl properly on Friday. I swam a kilometre of crawl and two of breast-stroke, and I felt good, and not all tired or short of breath. For the last few hundred metres, once I was comfortable with the breathing, I began to push a little harder. If you are generally quite fit, I would say, then there is no reason why you cannot swim a good distance of crawl without getting breathless. If I swam a km of crawl on Friday, not having attempted crawl for thirteen years, without getting tired out, then it is not crawl fitness that came into play – it is breathing. Swimming crawl at a leisurely pace does not take much energy, so if you are getting breathless then look to your breathing; you can sort swimming technique out later. Read the article in the December edition of the magazine and concentrate on the breathing.
  • A friend of mine trains at Hexham pool on a Friday night, I think they are coached by Barry Jamieson (who's been a World Champion) although there may be a waiting list. Might be worth giving them a call as I have heard it's an excellent session. I'll be joining them myself next month.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Yaldaboath, out of interest, were you breathing every stroke on your front crawl?
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