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Recommend Physio/Injury Rehab specialist

Hello All,

First Post.

I've been doing tri now Since 2000 and have on and off had big problems with shin splint conditions of various types.

To cut a long story short(ish), since Feb this year the problem has come back with a vengence to the point where I have just had an x-ray to determine if I have a stress fracture on the right shin. Orthotics have sorted the problem in the past, but sadly even my tricky new pair of custom mades are not helping. Lots of massage and foam rolling kill the symptoms, but a couple of runs later and it's like I never bothered.

Can anyone recommend a good physio/rehab specialist in the Kingston/Wimbledon/Richmond etc. area who can help me diagnose the problem this time and sort things out once and for all (cos I am royally sick of it).

If anyone can recommend a clinic that helped them knock a similar problem on the head for good, then I would be really appreciative.

Thanks all.



  • Vic

    I don't want to upset you but i had shin splints for several years and every time i started running properly they would come back. I had heel lifts and acupunture and stretching excercises; all to no avail. Eventually i stopped running for almost 18 months and then started back really slowly, i haven't suffered again. Because of a high level of base fitness every time i started running it was too much too quickly, it wasn't until i was really unfit and couldn't run that i managed to go slowly enough to avoid the problem. They say you should only add 10% too your training each week, but after injury you need to start from a really slow short base.

    Try walking, then add walk and run sessions, and get off road. I even had problems on my bike.

    Good luck, take it easy

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