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Aegis Trident triathlon bike

Aegis Trident (full carbon aero profiled tubes) 54cm (55.5cm toptube) with reynolds ouzo aero forks.

profile carbon cbx tribar setup with bar end shifters

ultegra 10speed group

xlab saddlewing

velomax 650c wheelset

£900 ovno


  • Still for sale - this is an excellent bike in superb condition.
  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Is the bike still for sale?

    How can I tell what bike size would fit me? I am 5'8" with a 30" leg inseam for trousers. I have seen that a 54cm frame is considered "medium" and I take a medium in just about everything I wear. But, I'd hate to get all excited about this awesome bicycle you're selling and then get the wrong size.

    Oh, and where are you located?
  • This is still for sale & I'm going to NewZealand in April so really need the money - in desperation I have put it on ebay with a low starting price


    please bid generously.
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