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Turbo Training

Got a turbo for Xmas [:)]

Anybody got any thoughts in relation to the length of sessions as compared to those outside.

I'm only in my 2nd year of training and am focusing on building volume, usually planning my weeks by minutes trained, rather than distance (this worked for me before when doing marathons). My perception is that the turbo sessions are more intensive and should therefore be shorter in duration but wondered if anybody had picked up any formula for comparing the 2.

Any ideas?


  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I am a memeber of Ipswich Tri Club, and on there training section they have a great workout programme for turbo training. It runs over 4 motnhs, but builds power up immensily.

    You are correct in that sessions are lesser in time. This is probably down to the fact it gets boring on a turbo trainer more than anything.

    I tend to train outside as much as I can following my own programme, and if for example like today it is dangerous due to gales. Then I exchange my programme for a session on the turbo trainer.

    Anyway if you are interested the link is:-

    http://ipswich-tri.org and look under the training section, there are a load of PDFs
  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    I don't know of any exact formula, but I find that a short session for me on the turbo trainer is about 30-35 minutes, compared to about 90 minutes on the road, while a long session for me is about 60-70 minutes, compared to about 3 hours on the road.

    I use the turbo trainer to squeeze in extra bike time when (a) time is tight, (b) darkness prevents me from going on the road [e.g. early morning or evenings at this time of the year] or (c) weather prevents me from going on the road [admittedly, not an awful lot of freezing weather, but those windy days of late make road work pretty daunting]. I also find it's a brilliant way to work on my cadence and sprinting power in a controlled environment.
  • LeeCookLeeCook Posts: 22
    the main benefit of the turbo over the road is that you do not have hills and therefore your legs never get a rest and you can keep your heart rate to a strict zone without fluctuations. I tend to do about an hour and half on the turbo instead of a 3 hour road ride. My week day sessions tend to last between 40mins-1hour depending on what type of session im focussing on.
  • What I find is good is doing a quick 30min turbo session at about 90-100 RPM, RPE of about 6-7 then going out for a qentle run. Not only does this loosen the legs up and gets the miles in but also simulates T2.
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