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Bike for Turbo Training


I'm thinking about buying a turbo trainer - however, I've read a few things that suggest it may not be a good idea to use my best road bike on the trainer.

Looking for some advice on whether it is worth buying a cheap second hand road bike for the turbo trainer, or just save myself some money and use my current road bike.



  • I'm curious, what did you hear?

    All I can think of is excess where on the rear tyre (they tend to get a flat centre) and minor wear on the drivetrain, as it should remain clean & not abused by road muck.

  • I heard that sweat may start to cause corrosion , and I wondered whether any vibration may start to damage the frame.
  • There is that, but you can get those sweat cover things that go between saddle and bars, or just rinse it down!

    There shouldn't be vibration unless something is wrong
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Quite right turbo training is very tough on bikes and it would be best not to use your best bike for turbo sessions. I f you take a moment to look when you are on the turbo you will see that you make the same repetitive movements on the bike each one weakenining the joints - whereas the undulating nature of the road offsets this in real life. Outside of this there is also the wear on tyres, and the sweat corroding every metal object it hits. Do your bike a favour go to the nearest market and buy a cheapo steel frame and dedicate it to the Gods of the Turbo.
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