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Knee Pain help needed

Over the past few weeks i have developed issues with my knees. It started during spin classes where they felt a bit weak. Basically as my training has developed and intensified to this week my knees are starting to hurt. i done a half hour run on the mill and after a rest period they start to hurt.

I still can walk no issues but i dont want to cause myself an injury this close to london. I am a big lad so i know it is due to the impact on my knees. I need to know how i can keep training without buggering my knees up.

Can anyone recommend some post exercise treatment that will help?

Also i have seen various knee braces and supports on the market what can i look for here and will they help ?

Many thanx in advance.


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    BarbsaramaBarbsarama Posts: 73
    [color=#990066]Hi Gavin, I have severe knee pain and luckily i've just gone permanent at work so have just got health insurance. This sparked me to see my GP who said that my knees don't track properly so i've been seeing a physio who has told me it is due to having extremely flexible joints that simply don't stay where they should when i'm running! But the advice that he has given me that may help you is that i need to improve my core muscles as they help stabilise your knees. Not sure if this is helpful because as you say it could just be the impact. [/color]


    [color=#990066]Another thing that i learnt when i used to go to the gym is that the way you run on the treadmill could be the problem. If your feet slap the mat then you are jarring your joints, you need to concerntrate on placing your feet heel first on the mat.[/color]


    [color=#990066]I hope that helps - my knees have given me trouble for years so i could just go on and on about them ;)[/color]

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    MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    It could also be worth checking if your trainers are worn out or are not the correct type for you. I find running much harder on my knees than cycling but have been fine since I went to a proper running shop and got some trainers that were appropraite for my poor running technique and over pronation.


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    rungavinrunrungavinrun Posts: 29
    I got new trainers at the begining of the year. I went for some asics but must admit i didnt get them fitted, however, cant really afford new ones as werent cheap. may be worth going to check see if i have the right ones though.
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    MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    I went here http://www.runnersneed.co.uk/home.aspx to get my last pair of trainers. They video your running on a treadmill and play it back in slo-mo. I think it has helped me. There may be something similar near you - just don't expect to get proper advice from some grumpy 17 year old at the local sports shop.[:)]

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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    My last three pairs of trainers have come from Runners Need, great shop, great advice.... well worth a visit.
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    iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    Gavin, I have suffered from knee pain in the past, generally the day after exercise. after visiting a physio he deduced my quads were were to tight and therefore the tendons across the knees were putting extra pressure on the patella causing pain. I would stongly recommend you visit a physio and get it diagnosed. I have found in the past although you may feel pain in one place it can originate a some where totally different.
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    hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    I also had knee probs, my doc is a cycclist who after examining me reckoned my quads were a little weak. He gave me some excercises to strengthen them and problems dramatically lessened.
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    pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    Knees- why are they so badly designed? Seems so many of us have problems. I have had knee pain ever since I took up hiking and skiing in my early teens. Now some 20yrs later I finally got somethig done about them- two operations later and I'm still not right. I hope to eventually run again but it's cycling and treadmill walking only at the moment. I will probably have to walk my first tri's this year.

    Through my numerous consults with podiatrists, surgeons, physios, osteopaths, kinesiologist and running specialty stores,the avenues I was advised to follow were:

    Foot mechanics- pronation, supination etc.- orthotics may help

    Muscle balance- quads, hamstrings, gluts,calves,vastus medialis etc if any are weaker than the rest they can mean the knee doesn't "track" properly (one of my problems- my vastus just sits there doing zip) or it's put under too much strain.

    Core strength/ stability - I found yoga and pilates has helped this

    Technique - running and cycling (for instance I found I pedal with my knees doing a figure of eight! No wonder I got pain!)[:(]

    Bike set up- pedal float, seat, bar adjustment- maybe this is why you have problems in spin class- check it's set up right with your instructor. I got my bikes set up for me at a specialist bike store.

    Old shoes- the others have suggested this as the cause.

    Spinal strength/condition- problems in your back can lead to problems elsewhere

    I know this sounds a long list of potential causes but I think the problem with knees is that they carry a lot of weight under constant movement and seem to be upset easily if anything elsewhere in the body is not right.

    It would worth seeing a sports clinic where they have specialist staff in several fields eg. podiatry, physio,chiropracter etc. It may cost a bit but in the long run could save you expensive surgery down the track!!

    Hope this helps.

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    rungavinrunrungavinrun Posts: 29
    Cheers for the feedback.

    Im booked into sports person on Friday so will see what she says.

    Piglet interesting to see what you say about backs because i have been suffering from back pain for about a year now (one of the reasons for training regime) so will work more on the core stuff.

    Also think i could do with more work on quads and hamys as what iangriff and hound dog say makes sense.

    I f anyone else has advice please chip in!

    Thanks guys so far
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