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Look Delta to Keo cleats?

Having been off the bike for far too long I am just getting going again but after the last couple of 30ish mile rides I have experienced some slight knee pain in my right leg.

Could it be the cleats?

I changed over to Keo's in late 07 and had no issues at the time, even on the 112 miles of my last Ironman NZ in March 08.

I know I am lacking the miles and leg strength that I had but I am also running the grey cleats as supplied with the pedals which only have 4.5 degree's of float as apposed to the 9 degree's of the old red Delta's.

I guess the question is should I get some red Keo cleats instead?

Has anyone else had this problem?


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    graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Ha god I can't believe someone else has almost the exact same problem!

    I have Time Xen pedals and cleats - no problems what so ever i changed over to Look Keo classics and I now get knee pain on my right patella - i rest it and after 8/9 miles it comes back!

    i've now gone back to the Xen pedals (I also find them much easier to clip in too) and hopefully the pain will go.

    i did read pain on the patella is overuse, but if it's on the side then It's the cleats fitted incorrectly.......

    whoo knows eh!
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