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IM questions

Hi this may seem a bit random but all this ironman stuff got me wondering. so i've came up with a few questions, some might seem a little obvious but i'm a complete noob when it comes to this.

1) How old do you have to be to do an IM

2) About how long do you have to train for and what sort of distances do you train

3) What is it like to complete such an event

4) Do people use these sorts of events to raise money for chairity

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help. [:D]


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Mike,I will try to answer the q's

    1)depends on the race whether it is WTC sanctioned race or an ironman distance race,some organisers may increase the age limit due to its severity(or stupidity).check the website www.ironman.com for events and regulations.

    2) training is a personal thing depending if you want to finish,qualify for the world championships or win your age group.Some can soak up big distances in training others like myself have to depend on shorter more frequent training runs the single biggest factor is the time it eats into your family life and other activities(divorce solicitors make a mint from triathletes).

    3) AWESOME!!! you either get the bug or it puts you off completely.

    4) lots of people raise money for charity, often featured in 220 magazine,a big name being Jane Tomlinson.

    Hope this helps.
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