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national duathlon champs

just saw the article on the national duathlon champs in 220 and was wondering what it would be like to race against some of the best athletes in the cuntry so does anyone know next year, is it always in emberton? and do you have to qualify to race in it?

cheers mike[:)][:)]


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    hi mike,

    british championship for 2009 is the big cow event at emberley park, MK i do believe.

    this along with clumber park and cambridge are all national age group qualifiers so attract the cream of duathletes.

    i'm gonna do clumber park, then big cow or cambridge (they're all held in march/april) and hope to qualify for Team GB in the 40-44 age group.

    good luck if you plan on doing it. what age group are you?
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    enter early, no qualifiers to the best of my knowledge...

    if you're in ashby, leicestershire then why not try the 'punishing events' duathlons held at carsington water? next one in october, check out their website, search punishing events in google.
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    mike_trimike_tri Posts: 60
    I'll be trying to get in the junior age group. So can you qualify for the national team from any of the 3 races you said Karlos and i do live in Ashby-de-la-zouch leicestershire so i may try the punishing events duathlon as i was looking for a taste one around that time

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