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Who enjoyed Wimbleball??

Well that was my first 70.3 yesterday and I ENJOYED (amazing) every second of it. Can't believe I managed to finish, obviously I had to walk the hills of the run but think that was a deserved break after the hills of the bike.

Could have been a bit warmer in the morning - but the whole day was a fabulous experience. Congrats to everyone who made it to the start line and a HUGE thanks to all the marshalls, helpers, supporters etc we couldn't have done it without them!!!

How did you find it!?


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    I'll echo those thanks to all the supports and marshals - all of whom were very friendly and helpful.

    It was my first Ironman event as well and I loved it. Those two hills on the cycle course were fun weren't they! I saw quite a few people with problems, both mechanical and physical on them as well so think it definitely deserved its reputation as a hard course! Although I think one of the worst bits was the really long downhill bit on the first lap, was just so bloody cold and hands were hurting from holding on the brakes so hard! Maybe should have worn more than just the trisuit - well, live and learn.

    The massed swim course start was fun as well, about 500m of brawling!

    I was on a high pretty much throughout the course though, managed to beat the targets I set myself for each of the sections and ended up with a 5:36 which is alot better than the 6:30 I was aiming for!

    Only slightly sore this morning as well.

    Bring on the full race next year!
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    i liked what i did of it , i had to retire when my seat bolt removed itself from the rest of my bike and dumped my seat just as i started lap 2 . lucky i was going uphill as i couldn't unclip so i fell over . still there's always next year . that road is long back to transition when you have to walk it in cycle shoes !!!!!!
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    What happened to your seat bolt? Thats really bad luck, sorry to hear.

    I did see quite a few people with bike problems, such a shame - I kept on crossing my fingers that my trusty steed wouldn't let me down!
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    SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    When does the entry open for next year???
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    it sheared off (my 68kg's must have been to much for it ) have spent today drilling it out . i don't know about entry for next year
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    dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    Sorry to hear about your seat bolt Bobhiattva. I saw someone snap their crank arm off coming out of T1 - thus ending their race in under an hour - so at least you got to do some cycling (a very slim consolation I know).

    I'll echo gallantry's post - despite it being a really tough course, and despite my not having the quickest of swims (I could hardly see any bouys and reckon I zig zagged well over 2K), I had a great day yesterday. That run was harder than I was expecting though. Lots of bricks round the trails of Box Hill in prep for next year I think.

    My only two small complaints were: (i) no mile markers on the run - these would have been handy; and (ii) no beer tent for afterwards - a post race essential in my book.

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    Just to echo eveyone else, what a great event, thoroughly enjoyed myself, due to many issues on the home front I failed to train more than a few dozen hours in the last 3 months building up to the day but luckily managed a satisfying perfomance taking that into account and closed in a 6.39. The run was a killer after the bike - what was the gradient on the first of those two killer hills? Everyone talks about the 14% hill but the first was the one!

    Two questions;

    Did others see the young guy on (genuinely no disrespect intended with the following - more admiration) what looked like a 70's racer with full mud gards etc, squeeking and squeeling at every turn of the crank? Did he make it through the bike - people like that made it for me, what are we doing on £2-3k of carbon Tri Bike..

    And on the bike I came past a guy crying out for CO2 for a puncture, I stopped and gave him a canister - are you on here did you get around?

    It really is a special event and a course to be proud of getting around - I have a spot for the full at Sherbourne and 3 months now to build on my fitness again - how does it compare, obviously longer but in terms of course and the overall challenge the course presents in addition to the distance?

    Hope eveyone is getting over aches..

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    KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    I too had the best weekend at Wimbleball - not a stunning time at all but considering I've only been doing my training on the weekends due to work etc I'm just pleased I finished. Really enjoyed the swim in the mist (how warm was the lake on the numb feet after the walk down from T?), the bike was tough and have never spent so much time out of the saddle and then the run was a killer - so pleased to be able to run past the lap turn point and head right for the finish - there were even plenty of people still there cheering on at the line at my paltry 7:40 - thanks everyone!!

    Thanks also to the Rotary guys at bike feed station 1 who held my bike whilst I stopped into a porta-loo for a #2 - curse those once piece suits !!

    James - yeah the guy on the old bike with mud-guards was an absolute monster on the hills. I was riding near him and whilst I had the speed etc on the flats and decents he would always power past me on the hills going like a bat outta hell. The tune the mud-guard played whilst rubbing on the wheel was just class - whoever you are, good on ya and hope you enjoyed the event as much as eveyone else did.
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    dunedogdunedog Posts: 15
    What a great race! Agree with all the comments above. Third tri after two sprints and worth all the training. Despite living in the Lakes and doing plenty of hills that was a tough 2 laps on the bike. Swim was less hectic than feared and faster than expected. Run..well that was a series of jogs followed by cramped quads, fall over, slap legs to life and repeat. Very friendly racers and great support. Would be in for next year but may step up again to IMCH so a bit close. Even Mrs DD enjoyed it and is still talking to me, in fact, she's wanting a bike upgrade having seen the bling kit down there. [:o]
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