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Was I the only muppet at the london tri on sun

ok . did anyone else miss the first turning point on the westminister route? did it have the smallest sign possible ? or did i just have dock water still in my eyes. hope you all had good races who ever was there


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    dowleadowlea Posts: 1
    I didn't even see a sign, so I had to cut through the cones very late, and only just made the turn. The other two times I passed that point, there was a marshall with a whistle shouting out a warning of the turn.

    Looking at the Elite splits, they did the long route out to Westminster first.

    So, I think you're in good company!

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    You weren't the only one. I was on the Westminster route with an 8am start (OD). I turned at the sign. A marshal about 100 yards up the road asked which route I was on. I told him and he made me stop, climb over the barrier and cycled to Westminster. Lucky enough for me, I realised and did the short loop after. I posted a time so lucky I guess not to DQ. Point is I lost around 2 minutes. :(
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    Don't feel bad. I did make the turn yesterday, but only because I remembered getting caught out in exactly the same way in 2005 when I last did the race. Other than that though, I have to say that the rest of the organisation over the weekend was actually pretty good to be fair to them....
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    Glad I was not the only one . I too ended up doing the long loop then doing the short loop paying more attention looking for the turn.

    I agree the rest of the organization was fantastic .It amazes me that the can make such a great race weekend for so many racers.

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    Me too - I was in the 8.30 Sunday start - once I was going under the Limehouse Link I'd realised what I'd done and then decided that I was just going to have to do the short lap second - I also noticed that the marshalls at the short turning point were alot more vocal (i.e. they actually said something!) when I arrived there after my long lap - looking at the splits on the results pages shows that there were a fair few riders who also had the same experience - however, I agree that the organisation of the event was hugely impressive and I'm hoping that those of us who did the bike course in reverse order get to keep our times and places.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I managed to make the first turn correctly, but it was close. My moment of muppetry came when I was so concerned about starting to loosen my shoes that I missed the turn into transition. D'Oh!

    A quick U-turn through the cones saw me right, but I lost about a minute and the guy I'd been swapping places with all race (Hello #5015!) got past me again. Dammit.

    Transition was marked with a single small sign, IIRC. Could've been better, but still my responsibility to look for it so I can't complain.

    Overall, what a superbly organised event. Can't wait for next year!
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