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apkapk Posts: 21
Hey Apk,

Sorry, not very knowledgable on the gearing - but can confirm that I too am worried. Am concerned about the hills and the road surface. Like you, counting down the days.

One of the best things for me, is the taper and reduce the training sessions from 18 hours per week to 10 - bliss!

Gearing - ignorance is my approach. Have been lots of hills where I am Wicklow, just outside Dublin. But we'll see.

Not sure I would make any changes at this stage anyhow.

All best with the final training and on the big day!



  • apkapk Posts: 21
    11 days to go and like everyone else worried at what is about to hit me!

    Adding to my worries is the article in this months 220 magazine about th ebike course - seems to suggest a 38t chainring and a 12-23 cassette.

    I have 39t and 11-23 will this be okay.

    Live in Yorkshire- plenty of hills and Holme Moss is on a regular training ride (but not after 80 miles!)

    FAQ's suggest 12-25 for age groupers?

    Anybody any thoughts
  • apkapk Posts: 21
    well today means only 10 days to go - soon single figures.

    I guess you're right bit late to change now? and training hasn't been too bad
  • Can you really spin out an 11 tooth rear on a 112 mile course? I checked on the ride in top work today and I can comfortably spin a 14 tooth rear and a 52 front at 30mph.

    Maybe a 13/14 - 25 would be good.

    I've got an 11-23 on mine and rarely need the bottom two and really miss a bigger top end for the one big climb on my route.
  • apkapk Posts: 21
    I don't know how much it is going to cost, but as I have left it too late to reply on the post I left my bike in the reliable shop yesterday for a 12-25 fitting.

    I now worry whether I should have gone to a 27, but as I have only ridden with a 23 on both time trial and road bike I am sure the extra 2 teeth will feel heaven sent on lap 3?

    No dobt these are last minute nerves

    6 days to go and I will find out for sure

    Anybody up for a push?
  • If it's anything like the Wimbleball course on Exmoor a push might be on my agenda!!!! I've been assured it's not quite as bad though.....

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