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Thinking about 2008 and my 1st ironman. I want to experience a middle distance event as part of my training but due to existing commitments it looks like Cleveland in early July (I live in Yorkshire). If Ironman UK is mid August is this sufficient recovery time?


  • rixy16rixy16 Posts: 3
    My advice would be just train exclusively for the Ironman in August and compete up to Olympic distance as race prep. Whenever I've tried to include a half beforehand my long race has suffered. With good planning I can go 10 and a half at UK but would be suprised to do as well if I included a half. Everone's different but considering it's your first I'd seriously think about a plan that just equips you solely for the long un!! Good luck

  • apkapk Posts: 21
    Its really the fuel strategy that worries me most. I know I will be able to swim the distance, I can cycle 100mile + and have run 26 mile before, although not all on the same day after each other!!
  • S2S2 Posts: 4
    If you make sure your half is done at your IM pace then recovery should be no trouble at all.

    I did the same and used it as a final kit check, fuel strategy etc. i.e. do everything in the half exactly as you plan to do in IM. You should finish the half feeling fresh (ish) and confident about the IM.
  • Fuel strategy - keep eating/drinking as much as you can, it's near impossible to take in too much and very easy to take in insufficient fuel and hit the wall.
  • apk - have you decided to sign up for IMUK? I am doing the event next year (first time) and am planning on doing a 70.3 in early june and an olympic in early august. Have got a coach who has said that this is fine, but if you only want to do your best time for the IM, then best just to concentrate on that. I fancy a couple more races though
  • Hi apk

    As Rixy16 says everyone is different and I think it depends upon what you are trying to achieve. I had no aspirations to speed as a dedicated back-marker and completed Ironman UK last year nearly an hour faster than my target time. I took part in two half Ironman races as the only triathlon races I did in preparation, namely the Cowman 6 weeks before Sherborne and the Belvoir race a week later. In the Cowman I made the mistake of chasing everyone I could see on the bike and fell apart completely on the run. A week later I chased no-one, my bike time was less than ten minutes slower but my run was half an hour quicker.

    I used that experience to ensure that I went out on the first lap of the bike at Sherborne at a very steady pace (and noticed that I was not alone in doing this - I've never seen so many racers "taking it easy") and found that I could jog (slowly) almost all of the marathon (apart from a couple of the dreadful hills on the A30).

    It probably helped that I was euphoric the whole way round as I was finally achieving an ambition that I had set myself nearly twenty years before in taking part in an Ironman. I spent the whole day with a broad grin on my face.

    Anyway, I'm in again this year and hoping to enjoy the experience just as much. My advice would be not to get hung up on what everyone else is doing. My training was probably terrible; I used the London Marathon as part of my training and made it a bit tougher by running ten miles to the start yet my longest bike ride in preparation was only 56 miles. Yet after the race I had no stiffness at all in my legs and just a little lower back pain (which I was advised by the masseur during the post-race massage was down to the bike set-up and I have since rectified).

    All the best to everyone planning to take part - I'll see you there
  • apkapk Posts: 21
    Hi guys

    Im in Ironman UK - and just bought a new Scott Plasma to celebrate.

    Trying to work out the training plan now and will complete the middle distance event in July, it seems sensible to follow an Ironman race strategy and just make sure everything works okay. At that satge it will be another training run??

    See you all at Sherbourne in September
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