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Which Tyres

apkapk Posts: 21
The other month an article in the magazine said that better tyres could knock upto 6 mins from your time.

But which ones?


  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    For clinchers my total fav are the Conti GP4000's / the old 3000's. Absolute genius tyres, never had a puncture yet on 3 years of training / racing using them, plus you can get them up to 120 psi. MINT!
  • HonksHonks Posts: 4
    Would totally agree about the GP4000's but have also had success with Vredstein Tri Comps - 150psi plus!!
  • apkapk Posts: 21
    Both look good.

    Any thoughts on the Continental GP Supersonic - It promises to go fast but this performance may be compromised by punctures?

    At £40 per pair they don't come cheap and need to last
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    hmmm not heard of them they must be new for 2007 - if they have vectran inserts they should be pretty much puncture free ..let us know how you get on
  • peddlerspeddlers Posts: 18
    The GP supersonics have been around for a while, and are very light, but at the expense of puncture protection, full slick profile, best reserved for race only eg. 10/25 time trials, sprint triathlons.

    If you can justify the cost and that they might help you to a podium finish then you will probably be racing flat out and not worry about punctures and be shaving as much weight off your bike as possible.

    If your middle of the pack then these would be an expensive option and would probably put my money on GP4000's or GP triathlon from Conti.

    In our shop we change enough tyres in a week and see a range of different models. Keep asking people for their experiences with certain models and build up a picture of what people think works best.

    I currently ride GP3000's on one wheel set, Michelin Ironman on another. and 650c GP Supersonics on my 650c GT TT bike (never does more than 12 miles in a race)

    The manufacturers offer such a range you could be taking 3-4 sets to a race, wet version, dry version, slick tread, grippy tread.
  • I have Michelin Orium and i've cycled about 2000 miles and never had a puncture, not sure if they are quick, but they are reliable!!
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