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frame size advice for tall people


I'm 6'5" and am looking to buy a road racing bike. Please could someone advise what frame size I would need.

Thanks a lot.


  • Your best bet is to approach your local bicycle shop and get sized there. you'd most probably be looking for a 23" frame or up to 60cm depending on the manufacturer and the price budget you planning to spend. some companies have big sized frames over 23" others only go up to this size.
  • Hi

    As Peddlers said, different makers offer varied sizes. I had the same problem when I bought a bike a few weeks ago - I am 6'3" and didn't know what to look for. To further complicate things, the bike makers don't all follow the same measurements - i.e you may only need a 58cm frame for a Trek bike but a 60cm frame for some other maker. The frame size also depends on your proportions e.g. length of leg vs arm length.

    As a starting point you can check the websites for the main makers (e.g. Trek, Felt, Specialized, Look etc) - most of them will have a table that should show you roughly what size you would need in that make. After that, it would be worth getting properly measured at a bike shop. I know that Swim, Bike, Run (SBR) do this at their shops in Fulham and Windsor and other companies probably do too. SBR charge £30 for the 'fitting', which is free if you then buy a bike from them. It'll measure all the key parts - inside leg, shoulder width, arm length, height, feet etc and then put them into a computer. You then get a print out that shows the frame size you need and the heights/angles that all the other bike parts should be (e.g. handlebar height, pedal/seat/handlebar angle etc) so that you can set your bike up exactly.

    Hope this makes some sense. As a rough guess, I'd say you'd need a 60cm (I was on the cusp between 58 and 60).


  • Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated.
  • sisi Posts: 6

    I recently got measured up for a specialzed bike and they went for a 61cm as opposed to 58, but I guess there wasn't anything in between.

    I'm 6ft 4".
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70

    I'm 6ft 7" - torso, arms , legs 37" step over all in good proportion -- Trek and Cannondale = 63cm + lots of seat post and an inverted stem !! (Road Bike), also when quoting sizes , the compact / horizontal top tube option will influence as well

    The major factor is that the bike must be comfortable -- XL sizes in other makes were not big enough since the saddle would have been far too high compared to the bars, I am not as flexible as I used to be !!!

    Off to LBS tomorrow to size up my new bike & order it [:)]

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