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IronmanUK run

I have read the instructions for the IronmanUK run leg and I am not sure if it is just me but i am totally confused. I can follow it so far and then it starts talking about doubling back and doing laps? I can't see any of this on the map they have provided. Can anyone help and give me a rough idea of how the laps work etc? Is it well marshalled or am i going to get lost?

Thanks Gaz.


  • bennibenni Posts: 4
    the course at sherborne is as follows 2 laps of near the iron man village,which is the castle grounds and country estate, which is mainly trail then out through the village up to a dual carriage way and up and down that twice which is a killer, then roll all the way back through the village and to the the end which is the iron man village,collect your tshirt and medal and cry yer fukin eyes out what a feeling
  • thanks for the info benni
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