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IM Austria - 2008

Well, did the IMUK 70.3 down at Wimbleball and decided I wanted to push it up to a full IM. After reading many of the posts here, I decided on Austria next July.

Luckily, I registered yesterday (10th July) because all of the places were sold out in 19hours!

How mental is that!!

Anyone else out there lucky enough to be heading over?

I am looking at accomodation already!


  • joBidjoBid Posts: 16
    All 11 from East Essex Tri club that wanted to do it were successful after 2 hours tearing our hair out with a very frustrating registration system!!! We all decided to try from Midnight and luckily made it!! We have temp reservation of 20 rooms at the Worth hotel, we are now looking into a coach & driver to take us and all our families.

    The girls from the club that have entered did Exmoore this year and last as training for Austria. I wanted to do Austria for my 40th after watching my hubby do it 4 years ago. It is a beautiful swim bike and run and although there are a couple of hills on the bike, if we made Exmoore Austria is much kinder! [&:]Hubby has gone on to do Lanzarote and Switzerland but I am stopping at Austria!!

    Jamie - with me every step


  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Hi JoBid - I think I saw you guys at IMUK70.3 - did you have a blue gazeebo thing near the finish line?

    I'm looking at a couple of hotels - seem very reasonable and are willing to take a booking a year in advance.

    I am planning on driving over from just outside Aberdeen - may take a while to get there! Took 11 hours to reach Wimbleball.

    How's the training going?
  • joBidjoBid Posts: 16
    That was us with the gazebo!!

    Maybe we can arrange a lift on our coach if you want to drive to Essex first!

    Training is tapered for race season which starts this Sunday-come September I'll yank the bike back up to get it in my legs before the winter turbo sessions then work back up with the run from Jan and bike from March. Can't do heavy training all year-you'd loose sight of the whole point of it-enjoyment!

    Look forward to meeting you in Austria if not before!

    Jamie-with me every step


  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Hey JoBid - you guys had amazing support at Wimbleball!

    Your offer of a lift on the coach is very kind - I may well take you up on that! Was toying with the idea of a Ferry from Edinburgh to Zeebrugge then the drive across the continent!

    Have a provisional booking at the Schloss Hotel Worthersee - looks nice, is near the course and is only 48Euros a night.

    I had a sprint distance event last weekend up here - have decided I'm really not built for speed any more - long distance suits me far better!

    Good luck with rest of the season.
  • christonychristony Posts: 2

    If you need any information please contact me i live about 20k from the start of the Ironman Austria most hotels close to the start get booked up quickly, but there are plenty of places to stay within 20k of the start.
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Hi Christony,

    Whats the Schloss Hotel Worthersee like?

    On the map it seems quite close to the start.

    Are you racing next year?
  • Hi Samutra

    Yes the Schloss Hotel is quite close to the start and it's a nice Hotel, and yes i will do the rece next. year try and get some warm weather training in the last 2 year it's been very hot on the race day.

  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Hi Christony - thanks for the info - have booked my room!

    I may struggle with the warm weather training - I live near Aberdeen in Scotland, where the weather is always cold!

    I'll just have to wear an extra top when I'm out on the bike.

    Hope to see you in Austria - good luck with your training.
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Thought I would ressurect this thread as the countdown begins.

    Are there many of you guys doing Austria this year?

    Hows the training going?

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