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Tumble turns



  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Re getting DQ'ed for tumbling... Blimey! Cheers for the warning.

    I've never been warned about this before, but then I've never tumbled in a race. As I said... I'm learning how to do it. I'll listen out or ask the question at the next safety briefing - I'm sure I remember the ref telling us to be aware of swimmers behind us if tumbling, but I could be wrong. I'm not arguing with whatever rule book you're referring to, btw. Maybe some races don't follow the rules? Dunno. Guess I should pay attention. That 2:00 penalty in the tri247 results must have been upsetting.

    I'll continue working to get it right, though. It will help in the TTs at my masters class.

    The rest of my point still stands regarding fluency, not sneaking a breath etc - and maybe I should have added something along the lines of it just being a matter of personal choice when training. I think there is still some debate here.

    The 'pendulum' turns being discussed are fast if done properly, agreed, but I'd still like to get tumbling perfected to make me a more complete swimmer.

    Question for a coach / rules expert / referee: at what point does the turn become a tumble, for the purposes of getting DQ'ed or penalised? When I do a conventional/pendulum/whatever we're calling it turn I push off backwards, in fact it is almost an upside-down tumble as my feet come under, my head goes back and I push off almost on my side then rotate into position with a few butterfly kicks. Clearly there is no aspect of head/feet inversion, but I still can't see what the hell is behind me when I push, and this is surely the safety worry? Anyone got any definitions?
  • zoezoe Posts: 28
    Tumble-turns being banned in a race is more the exception than a rule in races in my experience, and i don't think there is a BTF rule against tumble-turns in pool swims.

    I've only ever encountered bans in the Stratford triathlon- where you have to move lanes after 4 length- so allowing tumble-turns would be a bit daft (and yes, they allowed them in either 2003 or 2004 and it was a joke). The results link is an event organised by the same crew.

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Yeah.... having actually read the rules here...


    ...I can't see any mention of tumble turns being illegal. But then, I only read the Competition and Technical Rules, including the Swim Rules, the Swim Safety section and the list of Disqualification and Penalty violations (includes nudity and use of mp3 players!)

    Maybe I missed it.

    I'll be continuing to practice my tumble turns. If a ref on the day says 'No tumbling' then I'll do as I'm told.
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