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One lat bigger than the other

One of my mates pointed out the other day that my Lats are completely unequal, my right lat is huge and I don't seem to have a left lat. Was wondering if anyone else had similar issue, whether it is likely to affect my swimming in ways i haven't yet noticed and how i can even them out?


  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I think you should ask the question "why do I have this imbalance?" then think about the rest...
  • be very carefull about this.i lift very heavy, and competed in powerlifting untill i got bitten by the bug of the ironman.

    i had a massive inbalance in my lats, rhomboids from deadlifting with out changinging my grip. it crept up on me over the years, and now it pulls my t5 vert out of place .

    deep muscle massage for me every week now.200 euro a month.

    to correct an imbalance in lats try doing one armed dumbell rows on your "smaller" or weaker side.

    you can vary the part of the lat it hits by using a flat bench, or an incline one.ask some one in a gym to show you if yor not familliar with lifting.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    same story here; powerlifting competetively for 6 years, then got the tri-bug.

    Imbalance in more muscle parts, but not as bad as yours halfanironman. The swimming practically smoothed things out (well, sufficiently for me [&:]).

    I'd advise same thing as haim, one arm routines (not too much though, don't want the problem to switch sides[;)][:D]).
  • Thanks guys, I've never been much of one for weights so can't be that. Can't really think of much i do with right that I dont do with left apart from the obvious. Think I will just try and get as much swimming in as pos - if that doesnt even it up will hit gym with the dumbell rows.

    Hmmm - could be too many chin ups possibly methinks
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    do you breathe bilaterally when you are swimming? i used to have one bigger lat because i was only breathing on one side. it's evened up now that i breathe on both.....
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