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Cancelled/Curtailed events

What is usually the score with cancelled or curtailed events? I was supposed to do a triathlon today but because of the inclement weather the bike leg was pulled completely and the run was reduced to one lap instead of two.

I accept that there are safety aspects with cycling in the snow and think that the organisers made the right decision in putting safety first. However that does not alter the fact that I have now paid £24 to swim 16 lengths of a pool which I can swim in for free and to run two and a bit miles round my local town.

Am I being unreasonable in thinking that a refund, partial refund or free entry to another of their events would be in order. I appreciate that the organisers still have to fork out for use of the sports centre and other costs but would not event insurance cover them?


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Chances of a refund are very limited,if the organisers did give a refund they would soon stop putting on races due to lack of profit.Best bet is if it is an event that fills up fast see if the organisers will give you a guarranteed entry for next year.Refunds are very limited,some organisers give a scaled refund policy,such as 10 months notice of withdrawl might give you 75% refund.6 months might get you 40% and less than 5 months nothing,this method is used for high cost events such as M.Dot ones which allows for injury.

    You can ask but the likely hood is vertually nil as you did compete in a 'race of sorts',but if you are looking for compensation for all the hard training you have done then enter another race.Best of luck.
  • gruffymaxgruffymax Posts: 21
    A XC mountain bike race was cancelled here in Goodwood as well :(
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    whilst I sympathise, you can look at he problem from the organisers point of view...none of their set up costs reduced because it snowed, nothing changed except the weather. Also if you want to look at it that way, any triathlon/race can be characterised similarly..next week it would/will cost however much to run 26+ miles around London, this week (weather permitting) you can do it for free..
  • Same happened in Steyning today. Most of the long distance managed to do the whole thing but the sprint was reduced to swim/run. Several unhappy people who had been training and hoping to make their tri debut today. Annoying as it is, Britspin makes a very good point. Think taking Jon.E's advise is the best thing to do...enter another one. Good luck
  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    Thanks for the replies. I gues it won't cost me anything to see if I can persuade them to give me an entry into one of their next events. I suspect that what really annoyed me is that I struggle to get Sundays free and usually I only have a couple of weeks notice. By then most events are already full. This time I pulled a few strings and managed to book the day (and Saturday night) off and was not overly happy when it proved to be pretty much a complete waste of time.

    Still posting on this forum was probably better than emailing the organisers this morning and since I have been lurking for a while it is probably time that I actually started posting from time to time so there is sort of silver lining.

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hi Ash,

    Was that the Concept Sport Hungerford tri? 400m swim, sub-4km run in the end. I noticed the winning times were about 20 minutes.... waste of time!

    I half expected them to cancel and offer free places in one of their other events to anybody that had made the start line. I know they incurred costs but I just assumed they would be insured for this kind of thing. However, I suppose bad weather is only to be expected occasionally in any outdoors pursuit, and we all just have to shrug it off.

    Regarding late entries, if you're thinking of doing any of the other Concept Sport events they don't usually fill up to capacity, and you can often get your money in 10 days before (I've done this myself). They just send you a handwritten note to give you a start time, since you won't be in the race book. I've also seen people enter on the day, paying cash, but it might have been a 1 off so I wouldn't try it myself. On that basis you've probably JUST got time to enter the Winchester Fast Twitch - although that is getting perilously close to Olympic bike and run distances [:D] (400m/20miles/6miles).
  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    Hungerford was indeed the event in question. I have emailed them suggesting that free entry to another of their events would be nice but nothing heard as yet. [>:]

    I was thinking of the Winchester event but I'm not sure if I am working that weekend or not. Heading towards olympic distance is not a problem in the bike/run. My swim is not up to it yet but I should be able to find some open water this summer.
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