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Board during lunch and as you do have a look on various web sites (tri related !!) so as I was looking on Wiggle decided I needed a cycle computer.

Like the look and features of the Cateye Stada Wireless but after scanning the product features could not work out if it can be set up so I can use it on a turbo trainer.

Before I get moaned at for metioning turbo trainer when we are in the start of the nice weather etc.. I'm purely thinking ahead to the end of season when the weather forces us inside.

So the question is does anyone have experience of this product or know if it can be fitted so that it can be used on the turbo.



  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    not sure about that exact model, but my cateye computer's range means it doesnt work on the back wheel......

    just bought the garmin 50 which has a speed and a cadence sensor and it works off the back wheel, very very happy with it!
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I got a ypk one with h/r monitor which is great. When you have it attached to the handlebars it wont pick up the sensor on the back wheel on the turbo. So when I am on the turbo I attach the unit to the seatpost, it makes it a tad harder to read, but is still possible, especially in aero position! Does the job for me!

  • mangelmangel Posts: 20
    thanks guys

    on further inspection it would appear that the range in insufficient for it to work off the back wheel.

    had a look at other models which do work on the back wheel and therefore fit the bill of being of use on the turbo. however, all contain features which measure cadence which at the moment is probably something I should not be worrying about.
  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    Not necessarily Mangel - if you get your bike cadence right, the run will be easier - it wouldn't harm to get used to it now, before you develop bad habits. (err like me)

    I'm not good at the quick spinning legs thingy - much prefer a good hard grind but come T2 I really struggle so I'm really trying to get my bike cadence up. Trouble is , I don't have any fancy gizzmo to measure it so I end up counting all the time - mind you it takes your mind off the pain.

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